Hi there, 

You may be feeling exhausted, stuck, disengaged or feel like your progress is being impeded.  Would you like to make a more meaningful contribution with your professional life? What would it be like to create your life to be so exciting that you jump out of bed every morning ready to get started? 

There is a simple solution to this.  80% of of everything you do is based on your psychology, how your deep subconscious mind thinks and the actions you take based on this thinking daily. The timeless ancient wisdom takes you on a deep journey to heal yourself inside out.

Many think fixing the body (like vigorous exercise or eating a particular diet) is the only option but that is not where most problems get resolved.  It is working on the internal self with emotions, intellectual thinking, spiritual growth and/or your personal journey in life.  20% has to do with the actions you take. We get stuck in the 20% like being stuck in a box and don’t know how to refocus out energies to get out and make a greater impact.  This is where I can help you instantly!

There are 2 ways to work with me:

  1. Ayurveda Health and Wellness Consultation
  2. Private mentoring for life and business


Do you experience any of the following symptoms of imbalance? You body and mind may need a re-adjustment to align with nature and let go of the past emotions to bring you to the present moment.  This is the only way to create a positive future.
*Fat accumulation
*Lymphatic congestion, autoimmune disorders
*Poor digestion
*Sluggishness, weight gain
*Heavy energy
*Anxiety, Depression

3 Big Reasons why people generally get out of balance and get into “stuck” mode:

1) Physical body is extremely tired (i.e. Adrenal Fatigue)
2) Emotional blocks or imbalances (i.e. upset, anger, etc.)
3) Mental exhaustion (i.e. worrying, unresolved emotions or old memories)

Are you in search for some method to help you bring your body back into balance that works?  If you said “Yes”, then start with the powerful insights of and Ayurveda Consultation to help you :

  • Balance your Dosha (mind/body type with your vital energies)
  • Balance the Chakra System (your subtle energetic channels)
  • Release emotional blockages (old memories and patterns that keep repeating in your life)
  • Shift mind-set to new thinking patterns (mantras, affirmations, your spiritual tools)
  • Awareness to overall mind/body (breathing, meditation, yoga/exercise)
  • What foods to eat in which season
  • How to lose weight sustainably
  • Help you find alternative ways to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Find out what career suits your mind/body type aligned with nature
  • Support your strengths and identify your weaknesses so you can channel this energy to favor you.

AYURVEDA is a 5,000+ year old timeless, ancient, intuitive practice that can help you achieve good health, energy and balance weight.  It is a sister science of Yoga which means the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda come from the same source.

Once you learn these simple secrets aligned with nature and your physical/mental makeup while applying it with mindful discipline, it will be effortless to feel good and be healthy because you will bring awareness to the deeper side of yourself, what makes you happy and what throws you off balance. It’s all about awareness!

As we move through life, we get easily caught up with career, money or seeking something you desire, often times, shifting focus away from your mind and body.  Without having good physical and mental health, challenges will arise and you can never fully attain your material goals to enjoy the comforts you deserve.

Your Health is Your Wealth!


The dynamic sessions include several components of me sharing suitable information, concepts and frameworks unique to you. The intent is that you get outside your normal way of thinking to explore and create a job, professional life and opportunities that lead to a more fulfilling life. 
You will learn a new way to design your career showing you how to channel your talents, resources, and values to create work that is fulfilling and engaging. 
  • Mapping: Where are you now and where do you want to be?
  • Redesign Career I – Identify your current situation, what role, company, and company cultures aligned with your values today. Design your default future (what happens if you change nothing about your lives)
  • Redesign Career II – Identify ideal future and career opportunities – your dream job that breaks from the traditional, linear approach and gets you to define what you want and go after it faster.
  • Explore the art of storytelling, networking (community building) – the two most effective strategies to seek out and create new professional opportunities.
  • Explore the reasons why most of us find ourselves in professional situations that are less than inspiring and how to change that. 
  • You will learn to build the community of people who will help you create your next opportunity and ensure your success once you get it. 
  • Tell your professional story effectively and powerfully across a variety of platforms. 
  • You will have a roadmap to your next professional destination and the tools to get there.
  • We will dive deeper and explore the framework and system that will help you create the job of your dreams. 
  • Deconstruct assumptions and beliefs about what is and isn’t possible
  • Input what you get from our real world experiments in between sessions.
  • Focus on a strong physical YOU with balanced emotions
  • Once you get your job, how to stay engaged, stay balanced and supported

BONUS:  An Ayurveda Consultation for emotional and mental balance is included.