Her heart desires to find LOVE — a husband, a soulmate to marry but feeling desperate and consumed by uncertainty, loss, sadness and depression. She keeps everyone distant and doesn’t know how to allow men or people who love her come into her space.

WHO: A Silicon Valley corporate executive woman in her mid 30’s came to see me, a gorgeous soul seeking answers to move on with her life. Grieving the loss of her mom to cancer a year prior and trying to pursue a man she thinks she’s in love with. Her desperation in looking for love to heal her broken heart came without any success.


While a credible and respected employee who makes powerful decisions, she was having a massive breakdown internally with no place to be hide, be heard nor any channels to release her excruciating pain. Her emotional state and broken heart with grief and anxiety was tearing her apart. There was a relationship with a co-worker going strong for almost 3 years but she could not make sense out their friendship nor certain about a future with him.

In addition, her deep sadness was attached to the loss of her loving mother who died of cancer a year ago. Grieving and feeling all alone in the world, she was becoming numb to her own spirit and began losing her inner light, her playful side. Her close relatives started becoming very concerned and offered to help but she had a hard time trusting anyone. She finally reached out for help.


Coaching to set her free from pain, anger and suffering.

When we met, she was like a volcano ready to erupt with anger, sadness, uneasiness, anxiety, tears flowing uncontrollably. She was exhausted, feeling sluggish, low energy, undervalued overall, low self-esteem, insecurities about femininity and finding a soul-mate. She did not want to see a doctor nor a therapist for her condition. She did not believe in popping pills to fix this deep emotional problem. She wanted fast results to turn her life around.

Her attitude told me she could receive coaching. She asked 1) HOW do I turn my life around? 2) How do I find love and heal my heart? 3) How do I find the man of my dreams?

Week 1: Getting clear on what she was searching for, the important values in her life and direction. Her relationships which were really a romantic fantasy had to be cleared up. She addressed her big fears to feel safe.

She felt like she received the strength and saw a glimpse of courage within when I asked her not to fix or resist anything. Simply observe the life she had without judgement as the first rule. The second was to create and stay within healthy boundaries for herself physically, emotionally and mentally. She left with simple tools and techniques to give her inner peace.

Week 2: Digging deeper to begin creating a new reality. As humans, we will only attract who we are. When you are good, you attract more goodness. If you are negative, everything feels like it’s falling apart. Being miserable inside and not addressing the underlying issues kept her feeling trapped in her own heart space. There was an enormous internal battle taking place as she could not use discernment for right and wrong, good and bad giving us the ability to make decisions. The fog had to be lifted for her to see clearly. She was attracting more pain while feeling stuck in her old patterns. Until and unless she could awaken and search for answers inside, she could not change herself.

Breathing techniques and identifying the ideals, principles and having self-respect helped her a great deal to begin making some firm decisions about where she was going to stand to look at life.

Week 3: Connecting to her faith and beliefs to find where she learned the things she believes in. She needed to check some old patterns of thinking and validate whether it’s really true or false beliefs to understand why she was behaving the way she was. She was ready to dig a little deeper (that she was not ready for when we met) and could now see how was stuck she was in the past. She realized that her 12 year old self was making decisions in her adult life as a grown woman. She had unresolved issues with her father who passed away when she was 12. She found the warrior within after releasing pain deeply wounding and trapping her to create the relationships she was with men in her adult life today.

(Accompanied with a Cup of Tea)

My Coaching Style:

First, identifying the strength and maturity of a person’s ability to heal then helping them with a language they understand emotionally, mentally and physically. I use a timeless Vedic wisdom that is over 5,000 years old incorporating meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga to assess the deep conditioning and programming internally. These are ancient sciences being tested and proven by modern science.

To crack the code successfully for each unique individual, I begin with connecting with the individual to their higher self realm to see what they cannot see first. I help them to understand their own mind and body first to gain their trust. This is the only way to be completely transparent and make the client feel completely safe. I help find the essence the true nature and look at all past experiences that makes up the present moment and who the person now. When they own this then only there is a possibility to create a new reality.

This occurs with intuition and knowing their Dosha according to Ayurveda. The Dosha is how Mother Nature designed the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space structure in each individual’s body and mind. Once we figure out their nature (mind and body type-Dosha) then only can we fully understand their habits, attitudes and behaviors aligned or misaligned with their worldly experience. I guide them towards being open to the possibilities of what the Universe wants to pull them towards, their higher calling.