I’m so excited to share this information about the Panchakarma process.  I look forward to a great transformative journey with you.  This email describes the Panchakarma program in detail.

THE 7 Session Personal Transformation Retreat: 

This time-tested, scientifically proven method called Panchakarma (PK) based on Ayurveda Medicine principles
 is a special program to breakthrough to your next best physical, mental, energetic and emotional levels to feel alive and live on purpose!

The 7 session powerful transformation program brings a thorough and dramatic change to your body at the physical level connecting you to your subtle energies by clearing, rejuvenating and planning your outcomes and results for what you want.

It is 
supported by ancient wisdom & resources you need to create the clarity, confidence & happiness you deserve…
while enjoying life to the fullest and without feeling unbalanced about your body, mind with personal and professional life.”


  • Bodywork
  • Personalized coaching and consultations 
  • Includes intuitive reading, yoga, pranayama, meditations (as needed)
  • Includes dosha readings, pulse analysis, tongue analysis
  • Guidance to take control of your life
  • Clearing of body and mind channels for better energy flow
  • Finding your higher purpose – Reconnect with higher self
  • Think into results with clarity, awareness and intuition
  • Get Unstuck-Breaking through barriers of beliefs and behaviors 
  • Creating your daily routines

Time Commitment: takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours daily for body, mind therapies and coaching sessions, the rest of the time you will receive instructions and exercises to ease into your life by tuning within and relaxing into a space of freedom and playfulness.

If you’re inquiring about Ayurveda, health issues, nutrition, weight loss, inflammation, or coaching around any health or life concerns, please click here to choose a date and time for a Discovery Call (valued at $250) or call 650-516-6920.

Why 7 days?
  • It takes 7 days for lymphatic tissues to change
  • Changes behavior patterns and habits
  • Realigns the 7 chakras
  • Clears tissue levels (dhatus) in the body according to Ayurveda
  • Reset and puts you on track


NOTE: The 7 sessions can be broken up into an extended period with breaks in between. It does not lessen the impact.

For example, when you take the weekend off, you get to see how life is treating you. See what happens with your internal belief, mindset triggers and your new ways of being.  You will be introduced to new perspectives and inner tools as you experience them with family, friends, coworkers and life in general.

When we meet again after this break, the goal is to give you an opportunity to see how your mind handles old patterns in a new ways without draining your energy.

In our fast-paced world it’s easy to lose balance.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms of imbalance? You body and mind may need to re-align with nature.

*Fat accumulation
*Lymphatic congestion
*Poor digestion
*Heavy energy
*Skin Issues
*Looking and feeling aged and old
*Reproductive health issues

3 Big Reasons why people generally get out of balance:

1) Physical body is extremely tired (i.e. Adrenal Fatigue)
2) Emotional blocks or imbalances (i.e. upset, anger, etc.)
3) Mental exhaustion (i.e. worrying, unresolved emotions or old memories)

However, the biggest reason is because the inner being is not aligned with what the true soul desires.

Are you in search for some method to help you bring your body back into balance that works?  If you said “Yes”, then Panchakarma may be a good personal retreat program for you.


Panchakarma is the oldest detox program based on a 5,000 year old science to reset the body/mind and is designed to:

*Balance the Doshas (your vital energies)

*Balance the chakra system (your subtle energetic channels)

*Release emotional blockages (old memories and patterns that keep repeating in your life)

*Shift mind-set to new thinking patterns (mantras, affirmations, your spiritual tools)

*Awareness to overall mind/body (breathing, meditation, yoga/exercise)

AYURVEDA is a 5,000 year old timeless, ancient, intuitive practice that can help you achieve good health, energy and weight loss.  It is a sister science of Yoga which means the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda come from the same source.

Once you experience these simple secrets, it becomes effortless to feel good and be healthy because you will bring awareness to the deeper side of yourself – knowing what makes you happy and what throws you off balance. It’s all about deep self- awareness!

As we move through life, we get easily caught up with career, money or seeking something you desire, often times, shifting focus away from your mind and body.  Without having good physical and mental health, challenges will arise.


Geeta’s Panchakarma program is a 7 day healing formula.  If you are serious and totally committed to change, make a difference and transform your life forever,  this is for you.

For those who cannot continue 7 days in a row due to work and travel, we’ll arrange for times that work such as 7 days in a row and other days arranged later.

Clients’ personal experiences are unique for each person and transformed forever on embarking this spiritual journey.  They learn to shed the old ways and step into a clearer space.

Let’s just take one example: We have seen over and over that people seek a quick fix for symptoms like weight gain, Tummy tucks, liposuction, diets, and other forms of quick fixes that do not address the underlying issues of accumulation of toxins and waste in the system.  It does not address how your body is digesting food, thoughts, emotions or overall nourishment or what the toxin eliminating channels are.

HOW is Panchakarma different from other detox cleanses?

Panchakarma is, first of all, uniquely designed for the individual’s physical, emotional and mind level.  Healing and balancing occurs at deep tissue levels. Here, we work with the physical body, subtle energies and your ability to connect to your higher self to strengthen your mental faculties.

Everyone is on a unique spiritual journey and the cleansing process is created with respect to each person’s energetic level and openness to clear channels and their minds.

As most cleanses sold over the counter, it is focused on cleaning ONE organ (i.e. liver cleanses or gall bladder cleanses), however, this Ayurveda cleanse is based on the whole body, mind and the higher self.

Once you have completed this, you have awakened the deeper part of you and will access the ability to change your body and mind when needed in any given situation.

Geeta’s commitment to your health:
A) Support:
* Help you through any breakdowns you have (emotionally)
* Help you see a clear perspective of yourself and your life
* Help you share, express and open yourself (with confidentiality)

* Help you create new ideas to shift you from old patterns
* Show you energetic and healing techniques
* Get rid of negativity in you and around you

* Self-awareness: Know you better
* Create a better routine for success
* Feel alive, energized and happy


AYURVEDA DIGESTION (digestive fire):

Something important to understand is your ability to digest food, words, thoughts, deeds, emotions.

In Ayurveda, we use an approach of understanding exactly who you are are, your body and mind makeup, your metabolism, how quickly your body is likely to digest food.  DIGESTION is food, as well as, Emotions and Thoughts.

There are 4 types of digestion that impacts breakdown of nutrition, elimination and metabolism:

1) extremely slow
2) extremely fast
3) sometimes fast and sometimes slow
4) Balanced – digestion knows when to happen and when not to

During Panchakarma, you will be on a simple diet with soups, herbal teas and a dish called Khicharee.  Menu may be improvised.

In body/mind balancing, we have to consider the constitution of the person, their mindset, lifestyle habits, emotional triggers, time of life, major events that might have occurred and many other factors.

For example, if it took many years to put on weight then a quick fix like a tummy tuck or liposuction does not address the underlying cause.  The weight always comes back for these individuals if not careful because they never learn to manage their digestive system or their metabolism.

5 Reasons PEOPLE get out of BALANCE:
1) Don’t know how to manage seasonal change
2) Emotionally Eat when things get out of control
3) No DISCIPLINE (Discipline is a harsh word for many so we use STRUCTURE to define this area of life) of when to sleep, eat, activities
4) Wasting energy or time worrying
5) Deep seated anxiety, grief, or past trauma

During consultations, we continue to find your constitution at birth with asking you questions, pulse and tongue analysis.  Once determined, then we look at all the symptoms in your life like fatigue, weight gain and insomnia.  Our holistic approach is to find the cause and balance out symptoms to eliminate the cause.

Love yourself & be happy
Understand what’s happening to your body and mind
Clarity to create the next steps in your life
Awareness of your environment and seasons
Create more time in the day for you so you are not wasting your life away worrying.
How you eat, when you eat and have awareness in what is impacting your body and mind.
You will have a better understanding of your nature and Ayurvedic constitution that explains your body and mind makeup and will help you understand yourself at a deeper level and love yourself.

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL GET in your Personal Transformation Retreat:

1) A consultation to explain your personal dosha and imbalances.   Create a plan with goals.

2) 1.5-2 hours of daily therapies and guidance prescribed based on where you are in your journey, possibly including netra basti (eye therapy), shirodhara (mind clarity therapy), abhyanga massage (hot oil massage), swedana (steam therapy), hridaya basti (heart opening therapy), kati basti (back treatment). The treatments are decided upon as your journey progresses for you to get the most out of this program.

3) Lymphatic Movement and resetting body tissues

4) Daily plans with breathing, meditation and exercise for each day and night.

5) LEARN @ AYURVEDA, the ancient wisdom you can apply to your life and all those you come in contact with.  Understand your body as seasons change

6) Lots of compassion and a path to help you achieve your goals.

7) Chakra Balancing – Energy Block Release

*You will be able to address deeper underlying issues with ease
*You will learn energy release techniques to see yourself from a positive light.
*You will let go of negative, destructive thoughts and focus on POSITIVE THOUGHTS
*You will learn to LOVE yourself
*You will be a positive influence on all you come in contact with.

There are 2 level programs as follows:
This includes the 7 Day Panchakarma Cleanse with all the love and support.
2)  NIRVANA POST-PK PROGRAM: Special Pricing
In my experience, I’ve seen significant results and highly recommend a 6 month program. After the panchakarma process and to stay on track, it helps to have someone holding you accountable so you may prosper with building new habits and practices.
This includes 6 months of personalized guidance and bodywork to stay on track with the 7 Day Panchakarma cleanse.
If you’re inquiring about Ayurveda, health issues, nutrition, weight loss, inflammation, or coaching around any health or life concerns, please click here to choose a date and time for a Discovery Call (valued at $250) or call 650-516-6920.


I believe in this work wholeheartedly to bring radical change immediately so I back it up with a 3 day guarantee.
10% of your generous dollars go to helping a nonprofit, Global Abundance Foundation, serving the under-served community with a re-entry program back into society through ancient healing techniques, breaking out of old behavior patterns, mind/body healing, meditation and yoga to get jobs and create a new life with their families.
The 7 Day Panchakarma program includes:
  • 7 sessions of specialized bodywork for what you need taking you deeper within
  • Personalized consultations and action plans
  • Includes intuitive readings, yoga, pranayama, meditations, medical palmistry as needed
  • Includes dosha readings, pulse analysis
  • Coaching of mind, body and spirit to take control of your life
  • Clearing of body and mind channels for better energy flow
  • Finding your higher purpose – Reconnect with higher self
  • Think into results with clarity, awareness and intuition
  • Get Unstuck-Breaking through barriers of beliefs and behaviors

(Time Commitment: Prepare for approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours daily for body, mind therapies and coaching sessions, you will receive guidance on what to do with your personal time, including journal writing, meditation, yoga, breathing, exercises to stay tuned into your body and mind creating a positive space)

How does Panchakarma stack up to the alternatives?
-You could spend $5,000+ on superficial treatments to make you look good temporarily.
-You could get a doctor, therapist or coach to help you through the process. $100+/hr up to $10,000+ per month or more.
-You could join associations, groups or camps or other advanced education costing $50-150k, not considering the 2-3 years of your life you’ll have to invest.
-You could read dozens of books and take a boatload of self-assessments. $500-$4500+
-You could do a weekend workshop. $500-$5500+
You could spend a fortune trying to figure things out yourself in all kinds of ways with or without results..

I’m just curious if you ever had the opportunity to ask yourself……

How much is your health and life worth to you?

Stop and think about that for a minute or two.  This work helps you to balance at a mind-body level. This trains your mind to think differently and body to behave as you wish. This is a 5,000 year old proven system that works and has transformed the lives of millions over history. In the ancient times, this method was not an option but a seasonal practice.

This gives the ability to wake up excited to know more about yourself, do the work only you were born to do and being happy is worth a lot.

In fact, I know your health is your wealth and there’s nothing more important. Because your health and internal peace will either negatively impact the rest of your life or it can transform you NOW.

If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about doing this, two last questions that I invite you to ponder upon.

1) What will your life look like if you did this program? 

2) What will your life look like if you don’t do this to allow change to shift your world and create new things to happen in your life right now?

If you are ready, please join me on this unique 5 Day Personal Transformation Retreat.  I will personally guide you through as you receive luxurious body and mind therapies with consultations.  My clients have all changed their lives to the better almost overnight.
I’ll teach you the ancient way to connect yourself with nature to succeed with lifestyle changes. You’ll understand it quickly.  You will have the ability to change your body and mind when needed in any given situation.

This investment in your health and wellness includes:
1) 5 sessions of body and mind therapies;
2) All herbs, teas at no additional cost;
3) Any supplies needed during the therapies will be given at no additional cost;
4) Yoga, pranayama, meditation guidance for peace of mind
5) Daily consultations, guidance and assessment



(as our work is confidential, I am grateful to these individuals who shared their benefits):

“This testimonial is to the powers of simple oil and herb based healing methodologies of Ayurveda. I met Geeta at a point in my life when things had pretty much come to a dead end for me. My body was a royal mess, I was totally angry and confused, and my life was very stagnant. I went in for a trial treatment ( I did Marma therapy the first time), after which I did an Ayurvedic consult, followed by a 9 week intensive treatment.  I don’t want to write too much about the treatments – that would take pages and also I would rather have you experience it all – but I must say that I never thought Ayurveda could bring about such a profound change in my life. Though Indian, I was never exposed to Ayurveda; in my family, conventional medicine is the way to go. At the end, i feel liberated, and that too is an understatement.”

“In retrospect, I would have: started Ayurveda sooner and signed up for panchakarma the first day I walked through the door at Geeta Arora’s. I came to Ayurveda in large part because I was at what felt like a dead end with western medicine. I have a long standing auto immune issue that caused a number of health problems, many with symptoms for which there is no known cure. I first went to see Geeta in August, and we started slowly, first with changes in my diet.  Although I am health conscious, these changes had dramatic positive effects.   Despite early success, it took me two months to set up an appointment for panchakarma.  The description of the process contained within it enough unknowns that my progress was slowed by tightly held caution.  But again the results were dramatic. The week long treatment rendered a number of changes, both physical and emotional. The most concise way to summarize the physical changes is that I felt ten years younger. Pains in my feet that I had learned to live with for the last five years were gone. My wrist and arm pain, accumulated over the computer keyboard and piano were gone. I stood straighter and felt lighter. My hair and skin felt more supple, and my body seemed to function more smoothly. It felt like my carapace had been removed. But in truth, these changes are nearly overshadowed by the emotional lift I experienced. I have a chronic, degenerative auto immune issue which, in my experience, leads to a steady stream of negative medical feedback, which is corrosive over time  Geeta gave me back a spirit of hopefulness. I have rarely been in the company of someone who is so optimistic—and have never been in the company of someone so positive about my health. She somehow made space in my head and my heart to be hopeful about my health going forward—a change that I hadn’t even thought to wish for—and for which I am forever grateful.”

” While studying as an  undergrad in India  over 20 years ago, I had heard  in  bits and pieces about this wonderful Ayurvedic treatment called  Pancha-karma. I saw how rejuvenated and full of life this classmate of mine would feel after a treatment.  I am a male in early forties.  I am in general  good health except that I had begun experiencing pain  in the feet, a few years back – they would feel tired. I tried over the counter sole insert, foot-massage, medicated oils, Physical therapy, chiropractic care. Nothing worked. Life events – arrival of kids,  a new job and a new home added to my stress and I had frequent back aches. Determined to improve the quality of my life, I decided to do something about it.  I decided to do Panchakarma with Geetha. I  took an entire week off and had the support of my family for rest after I came back from treatment each day.  There were clear instructions and it helped understand  what to expect  as each day a different area was addressed.  Each day,  hours of massages with medicated oils worked wonders on my  body spirit and soul. I spent  quality time with myself – physical rest for the body, yoga for flexibility, time for reflection for the mind –  inspiration to adopt new habits.   A new appreciation for these words – compassion, care and therapeutic come to my mind as I think  of  what I experienced during Panchakarma process under Geeta’s care.  I felt an remarkable change in my flexibility and energy level within 2-3 days. The pain diminished towards the end of the treatment. Out of the beautiful Panchakarma experience came a resolve to make life-style changes  – providing an  outlet for expression – of creativity and thoughts.
It has been close to a year  since I have had Panchakarma and  I would whole heartedly recommend it from such a talented and skilled  practitioner as Geeta. ”

“My visit here was the most lavish vacation I could ever have!  I am revitalized, renewed. You may ask Geeta for a flower but she’ll make sure you always leave with a bouquet!   Thank you for all the joy & peace you give.”

“I found that the Panchakarma program to be more relaxing then I could have imagined. Geeta is very attentive and intuitive. She described my body type and various qualities of my personality. She listed a daily routine for me to optimize a daily balance. I need to start my day with various hygiene recommendations, drink warm water, eat breakfast before starting my work day, followed by eating a large lunch. The end of my day needs to include meditation or yoga, eat dinner by 7 and use the evening to reflect.  Self massages with sesame oil once a week was recommended. A shirodhara treatment gave me the most deepest, relaxing experience I could never have imagined.  She demonstrated and explained the importance of the Marma energy points. She demonstrated different nasal drops and I liked what they did for me. I had a herbal steam and really enjoyed that.I had a facial (best facial ever as I like deep tissue massage). Call for an appointment first as she wants to give each client her full attention. Trust me, this is quality service.”

If you’re inquiring about Ayurveda, health issues, nutrition, weight loss, inflammation, or coaching around any health or life concerns, please click here to choose a date and time for a Discovery Call (valued at $250) or call 650-516-6920.

With Light and Peace,