When getting a facial, many clients don’t even know they have thyroid problems. It is better to be safe than sorry and avoid the area with any machine treatments.

1) What are the areas that you avoid while doing microdermabrasion?

Avoid the thyroid muscle around the throat or orbital bones around the eyes. If you use too much pressure by the orbital bone you can cause damage to a client’s eye same with the thyroid.

2) Why are you supposed to avoid the thyroid area but can do the sides of the neck?

You avoid the thyroid area because the thyroid is very important in secreting several hormones (mainly thyroxine, aka T4). These hormones influence metabolism, growth and development, and the body temperature.

With microdermabrasion, you could potentially trigger some excessive stimulating activity that can activate illness, fevers. This is the area when under-stimulated causes hypothyroid and when overstimulated causes hyperthyroid or is responsible for autoimmune diseases as well. So many need medication to regulate their thyroid. Best to stay away from this area.

3) Will every treatment affect the thyroid?

The thyroid is much deeper and is not affected by gentle stimulation with hands or exfoliating the stratum corneum with peels, etc. but when you use any machines or electrical gadgets, it begins stimulating the deeper parts of the body. Keep in mind, every person’s sensitivity is different.

Like cracking a walnut between your teeth, you can feel pressure, pain and you know when to back off so you don’t crack your tooth but use a walnut cracker and you could squeeze that baby until you get your result.

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