Bust Old Beliefs – “You don’t look good enough”

You can create the happiest and best-version of yourself when you bust your old belief system and, with awareness, come into clarity without making anyone wrong.  I must say, Yoga and meditation can clearly help you achieve happiness.

I hope this blog helps you understand beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. You truly desire to break free from being stuck and are searching for new ways feeling suffocated in the present way things are going with health, relationships, love, romance, intimacy or anything that’s important to you.

Beliefs are all experiences you have based on religion, culture, families, communities and many ways that involve people and communities.

When we come onto Earth through the your mother, we land with no experiences with the world but a connection to your parents. The mind begins to learn very quickly about action and reaction such as when I cry I get milk or attention. These experiences become our reality over time. All positive and negative experiences are all we know as the truth because it was experienced by the individual.

For example, as one ages, if it’s common in their community to steal ideas, always feel miserable about not having enough (money, time, love) and undermine others. They don’t think twice about their behavior and continue to behave the same way throughout their adult life and also show their children the same. The beliefs are so strong that they don’t even think it’s stealing or undermining because it’s normal. These become patterns knowing deep down something is not right. The question may start coming up as “How come they have it so good and I don’t?” Trauma to happy moments all become programmed as what you end up doing in the world. This ideas you believe to be true are your belief system.

You see, it’s the mind that keeps layers of filters over what everyone else can see except you or what makes your life miserable and you think it’s normal but deep down you know something is wrong. These patterns can be broken through awareness. This is where a good life coach can really help you get to the place of vulnerability without fear, shame or guilt and change the direction of your and your family’s life forever.

I’ve used this technique with numerous clients around breaking through deep seated beliefs with pure awareness and without any judgement:

Stop wasting your energy on:

  1. Trying to be right and looking good.
  2. Trying to control little, petty things.
  3. Trying hard to fit in.

A few suggestions:

  1. Live life on your terms. No one cares if you complain or seek validation, only you do.
  2. Focus on what you can do in the moment. Don’t lose the present moment.
  3. Be yourself, people like you for you. Your unique authentic self is a blessing.

The biggest concern for most is “Do I look good enough” or ”Will I be accepted” in other words if you look the part then you belong or feel a sense of acceptance to some group socially, economically or for some other reason.

The state of mind determines what color lipstick you put on or what color shirt to wear. You know what makes you feel good. The fun begins when the mind begins to overthink and to make matters worse or you ask for an opinion to validate what you think. This person may give opposite views when you are just about to step out to an important social gathering, only for the mind to go into confusion mode with the raging inner critic showing no mercy.

My mother used to rhetorically ask me “What will they say” in reference to how I was dressed going to social parties, family gatherings or any community event. At a young age, this became a deep belief system I was following for years thinking about what others think of me. I blew that belief out of my life in my 40’s when I finally realized how much energy I was putting into what “they” think of me. It’s just not worth the stress of troubling my mind, shopping for clothes that will make feel accepted and gave up  things I have no control over.

Let’s face it, we are humans and everyone loves to be accepted, given praise and feel good around caring people no matter what the situation is. Issues like nervousness or anxiety happen when there is uncertainty of the self and the decisions we make.

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