Heart Chakra: 3 Love Laws

Ayurveda in Workplace

Bust Old Beliefs – “You don’t look good enough”

You can create the happiest and best-version of yourself when you bust your old belief system and, with awareness, come into clarity without making anyone wrong.  I must say, Yoga and meditation can clearly help you achieve happiness.

I hope this blog helps you understand beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. You truly desire to break free from being stuck and are searching for new ways feeling suffocated in the present way things are going with health, relationships, love, romance, intimacy or anything that’s important to you.

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PTSD-Getting over trauma

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is one of several conditions known as an anxiety disorder.

Mayo Clinic oncologist, Edward T. Cregan M.D., explains coping with traumatic stress is an ongoing process. He explains we’ll be of more help to our loved one (to ourselves) if we learn about the effects of trauma. Psychology Today reports PTSD affects about 7.7 million American adults. It is often accompanied by depression, substance abuse, gambling, eating and anxiety disorders. It affects about 1 in 10 people, characterized by reliving a psychologically traumatic situation, long after any physical danger involved has passed.

MEDITATIONS & YOGA can help shift the mind:

People begin seeking all kinds of answers like why me, what is the purpose of all this, how do I move on? It is the individual’s self-discovery to understand how to unravel the mystery of pain. When this journey begins unfolding, it is an opportunity to connect to your higher self to find answers. Here are 4 tips to start with:

HERE’s WHAT TO DO DAILY – Meditate: Change Mind (Thinking Patterns)!

  1. Create a loving practice you do daily to overcome the past feelings
  2. Practice Yoga Nidra (a powerful self-awareness meditation practice)
  3. Meditation helps rewire and strengthen a new pattern when recurring thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, frightened or symptoms return.
  4. Stay active
  5. Take care of yourself
  6. Seek social support and find like-minded people
  7. Have faith, Believe in yourself

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Is Technology Making You Compulsive or Lazy?

Isn’t technology supposed to make your life easy?

In today’s mechanical era of the “space-age”, the workload and problems continue to increase, despite the ease of scheduling, communicating and getting work done virtually. People lay in bed for hours staring at their computer or phone mindlessly. Is it communication or getting work done? People are losing the concept of time, grabbing food and drinks on the go while completing tasks and conversation as they continue to stare at their connected device while eating. The body begins to get neglected and this is the beginning of symptoms to a disease like anxiety, insomnia, weaknesses, fatigue, low energy and inflammation.

So what’s the problem?

There are two key behavior issues here:

  1. Compulsive behavior with technology
  2. Laziness associated with not having to use your own brain power to do things.

Speaking of brain power and laziness, this reminds me of a 90 year old client several years ago. She was a sharp and funny German woman. Her visit was scheduled regularly after having her hair done once a month adamantly telling the stylist to finish on time because she did not want to be late for her math class. Already a brilliant mind, her message to me was to always keep my brain sharp with math, no matter how old I get. Sadly today, the most fascinating part of the human body, the brain, is not utilized to it’s fullest capabilities. We rely on a machine to do all the work while the human mind gets frustrated.

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