Mother of all Medicine

Money & Goddess Laxmi

Money, resources and wealth are a form of divine energy. It is here to serve you as a resource and powerful energy.

Hinduism advocates austerity, simplicity and detachment. Wealth is not an hinderance to self-realization but attachment to wealth is. Greed for wealth is different from desiring to have wealth.

Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of beauty, wealth and fertility is also considered a Mother Goddess when it comes to providing wealth in its 16 forms: Knowledge, intelligence, strength, valor, beauty, victory, fame, ambition, morality, gold and other wealth, food grains, bliss, happiness, health and longevity, and virtuous off-springs.

The eight-forms of Ashta-Lakshmi are believed to fulfill these human necessities and desires with resources through their individual nature and manifestations. The concept of God is so great, humans with their limited minds cannot comprehend everything so we can understand from different aspects of one powerful form. Here are the eight divine forms of Goddess Lakshmi or Ashta-Lakshmi comprising of:

  1. Aadi-Lakshmi (The Primeval Goddess) or Maha Lakshmi (The Great Goddess)
  2. Dhana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth)
  3. Dhaanya-Lakshmi (Goddess of Food grains)
  4. Gaja-Lakshmi (The Elephant Goddess)
  5. Santana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Progeny)
  6. Veera-Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Valor and Courage)
  7. Vidya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Knowledge)
  8. Vijaya-Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Victory)

Today’s negative attitude towards wealth such as corporations, healthy foods, pharmaceuticals forcing their views upon humans may be hostile and negative. The industries want us believe something else and prevent its use of resources for righteous reasons but for greed, power and control.

Seeking wealth through human actions is not discouraged, however, they also emphasize the need for right intention, right means and moderation in the pursuit of wealth. Aiming for wealth is a virtue, but greed is not. Amassing wealth for the family and for the welfare of oneself is not sinful, but excessive accumulated wealth when not shared or contributed for good use may create disease. Also, taking what does not belong to one is unacceptable.

Is Making Money Bad for Spiritual Healers?

Many have a problem upon seeing holistic practitioners or spiritual teachers accumulating wealth.

Look, I’ll make it clear that everyone needs money, especially AUTHENTIC healers on the planet.  When they accumulate wealth without delivering true service, it is their karma that is highly active and will take care of them.  Accumulating wealth in the name of healing falsely is not a good thing and I’ll just say Karma will get them to mislead and misguide others.  However, for those who sincerely do their spiritual work on the planet must remove all old beliefs around making money is bad.  You have to sustain yourself to serve many others who need healing on the planet so stop beating yourself up for asking for an investment so you can have a sustainable business.

While they always help the poor and the needy, all experiences are self created and provide an opportunity to accumulate wealth. Living in poverty is a choice, everyone wants to get out of it unless they transcended this desire and have no attachments but live a simple, comfortable life.

True renunciation in seeking Moksha means detachment to accumulated wealth, to become indifferent to the comforts and discomforts of life caused by wealth. Moderation and balance in the pursuit of material and spiritual goals is the key to pursuing your aim.

Bust Old Beliefs – “You don’t look good enough”

You can create the happiest and best-version of yourself when you bust your old belief system and, with awareness, come into clarity without making anyone wrong.  I must say, Yoga and meditation can clearly help you achieve happiness.

I hope this blog helps you understand beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. You truly desire to break free from being stuck and are searching for new ways feeling suffocated in the present way things are going with health, relationships, love, romance, intimacy or anything that’s important to you.

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Ancient Scriptures: 4 Goals of Life

The ancient scriptures speak highly of goals in life.  We have choices to do whatever we want on Earth but if we want to live optimally then there are some Universal rules to understand.  At the end, it’s all up to you how you live your life.

As the great Charaka writes (one of the greatest contributors to writing the Ayurveda text we know today as the Charaka Samhita), good health stands at the root of virtuous acts, acquiring wealth, fulfilling desires and the final release from the bondage of karmic cycles.

Disease is the destroyer of health, well being and life. It manifests itself as a great obstacle in the purpose of human life.

  1. Dharma is associated with deep soul connections, inferring to right actions.
  2. Artha is the attainment of wealth and material possessions.
  3. Kama is the fulfillment of worldly desires, pleasures and sex.
  4. Moksha is ultimate liberation.

Arogya (Sanskrit – meaning health) represents a balance and equilibrium of the dhatus (body tissues) without disease. Health is essential for achieving these 4 pursuits of life, one suffering may be incapable of performing any acts conducive to the attainment of any of these 4 objects.
Happiness is the ultimate goal of human life. For this, balance of mental, physical, spiritual and social health and well being is essential. Ayurveda is the method through one can overcome suffering in order to attain their desired happiness during this human birth.


Which is your Purpose in Life?

This may be a good place for you to reflect on your life if have questioned what your life is all about, feel out of balance with noticing way too many complexities that you can’t make sense out of, have accumulated monetary richness and success but feel unhappy and empty inside, don’t feel like you ever get right opportunities or meet the right person to be in your life.

It is extremely important that our goals of life should be very very clear. Just as before starting a journey you want to be very clear about the destination. The same analogy applies before starting any worldly or spiritual effort, one should very clear on what is being attempted to be achieved – the goal. What will ultimately fulfill you?

The purpose of life upon Earth is to free the self from the false identity of ego (ahamkara), leading a balanced life to attain both material comforts and human passions with their own balance, structure and order. No matter what happens in life, you are able to understand your purpose and find new paths to get back on track.

It is a key concept in Hinduism, and refers to the four proper goals or aims of a human life. The four puruṣārthas are:

  1. Dharma (righteousness, moral values)
  2. Artha (prosperity, economic values-results oriented)
  3. Kāma (pleasure, love, psychological values)
  4. Mokṣha (liberation, spiritual values)

Dharma is considered more important than Artha or Kama in Hindu philosophy. Moksha is considered the ultimate ideal of human life although all four Puruṣārthas are important. While dharma and moksha are accelerating one’s own spiritual journey, wealth and sex are pursued for the sake of benefiting others and being connected to community.



Appreciate Your Dosha

Be authentic about who you are! Knowing your dosha can help you be even more genuine and appreciate your gifts instead of comparing, feeling less than or superior to others.

The universal rule applies at all times as we go about our daily lives:

  1. Stay away from whining, gossiping, blaming and being manipulative.
  2. Don’t have any expectations, expectations leads to disappointments.
  3. Simply begin appreciating everything around you without expectations and as you ooze “appreciation”, you become attractive automatically.

You have the power to change the course of your direction immediately when you run into negative people.  How?  With a clear mind when we daily focus on practices such as meditation. Without a clear mind, confusion breeds a danger zone.

Knowing your dosha can help take away uncertainty about some things that don’t make sense. The three doshas have their unique qualities.


Kapha (Earth & Water) dosha is a natural at being sincere, loving, warm, caring. When off balance, they may try to be right about who they are and what they do steering their point of view until everyone is sick of it.

Pittas (Fire & Water) are fun, playful but have to be careful not to get competitive or aggressive. They have a tendency to take charge and get in control. Looking good is very important to them so an imbalance can lead to perfectionism and showing up as perfect.

Vatas (Air & Space) love to be playful, funny, all over the place without structure. When insecurities begin creeping up, they need validation and certainty about their appearance or what they are doing. Fear and worrying begins lingering around their behavior causing them to become defensive.

Is Technology Making You Compulsive or Lazy?

Isn’t technology supposed to make your life easy?

In today’s mechanical era of the “space-age”, the workload and problems continue to increase, despite the ease of scheduling, communicating and getting work done virtually. People lay in bed for hours staring at their computer or phone mindlessly. Is it communication or getting work done? People are losing the concept of time, grabbing food and drinks on the go while completing tasks and conversation as they continue to stare at their connected device while eating. The body begins to get neglected and this is the beginning of symptoms to a disease like anxiety, insomnia, weaknesses, fatigue, low energy and inflammation.

So what’s the problem?

There are two key behavior issues here:

  1. Compulsive behavior with technology
  2. Laziness associated with not having to use your own brain power to do things.

Speaking of brain power and laziness, this reminds me of a 90 year old client several years ago. She was a sharp and funny German woman. Her visit was scheduled regularly after having her hair done once a month adamantly telling the stylist to finish on time because she did not want to be late for her math class. Already a brilliant mind, her message to me was to always keep my brain sharp with math, no matter how old I get. Sadly today, the most fascinating part of the human body, the brain, is not utilized to it’s fullest capabilities. We rely on a machine to do all the work while the human mind gets frustrated.

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