The eminent Ayurveda practice in the workplace

Do you know your most productive time to deeply connect within, without distractions?

Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.  In the workplace, wellness managers attempt to make this an active process of becoming aware and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

The problem is most wellness managers consider the human needs for health, safety and happiness through personal training, gyms, fitness programs and putting on health fairs as best practices. Psychological needs is most critical but only an afterthought. The newest trend is mindful meditation and yoga to incorporate.

It’s best to take charge of your own life.  Here are a few proven tips:

1) Breathe – start from within
2) Routine – Set good habits daily
3) Self-Awareness – Get to know who you are – (Find Your Dosha/mind-body type)
4) Follow a nutrition plan according to your mind-body type.

Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is understanding the physical body from gross to subtle levels connected to nature and nature reciprocates information about each unique individual’s strengths, weaknesses and mind with body makeup.  Yoga is a practice that breaks through limitations of the physical body and goes beyond the asana or posture aligning mind, body and breath to clear the mind.  Yoga is an experience of stepping into the present moment.

Ayurveda provides structure around how to integrate subtle energies with nutrition, lifestyle and overall health. If people are the greatest assets then we must look beyond the physical body.   As we get deeper in the age of technology, people are struggling to find their power times, without the distraction of people or internet, in the day. An attempt to balance time and individual energies needs constant attention.

5,000+ years ago, highly realized spiritual masters pondered upon inquiries that best supported the development of human consciousness.  They took the first steps on a journey to teach all of humanity about how to align with nature, fulfill the human needs and live with purpose.  Ayurveda is about each unique individual and makes a partnership model between entrepreneurs, change agents, visionaries, corporations and creatives in a a business setting to bring change today.

In those ancient times, sages were seeking answers to the ultimate questions about the human life, whey we exist and how does nature play a part in our existence. They were among the first to systematically record details about the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.  As spiritual scientists, they exposed the limitations of the physical body that inhibited personal development and spiritual growth to incorporate yoga and meditations where human rationality goes beyond what meets the eyes.

Ayurveda challenges individuals to recognize the human potential.  They emphasized a “whole” approach to not only physiology but included psychology, emotional intelligence, and biochemistry.  This holistic approach enhances how we experience life, how we build relationships, how we share our lives, how we create ideas, and how we interact.  It gives an opportunity to make greater contributions at an individual level to be in contribution in the bigger picture.

The simplicity of an Ayurveda perspective unveils dangerous blind spots for relationships, connectivity, and acceptance.  You cannot lie about your own nature in order to be a contribution for a greater cause. Ayurveda helps step into the truth without fear of the unknown.  It deals with insights blocked by illusion, things that makes you think you are different, neglected and working alone.

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