Ayurveda Healing

SANSKRIT: (Ayus) Life + (Veda) Wisdom = Science of Life
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Hello and welcome

We are committed to service and transformation.

We are here to revolutionize the way people view their health and wellness allowing their fullest expression of their mind, body & heart tapping into their soul’s desire with timeless ancient wisdom.

Are you coming?

Yoga & Ayurveda – Ancient Vedic Wisdom is the intelligence behind awareness!

About us

Helping people get optimal mind/body health with work/life balance — both online and in the mainstream.

What we can do for you

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition fuel is balancing your digestive fire (agni), satisfying the 6 simple tastes, and eliminating waste. It’s NOT the common formula of vigorously exercising and counting calories, carbs and protein intake.

Weight Loss

Sustainable, easy and lasting. Once you learn the inner intelligence of your body type and how it reacts to people, food, exercise, your have more control over your actions and make the choices right for you.

Mental Peace

The only way to peace and calm is through a constant practice, affirmations, mantras and making the mind feel safe.  The restless mind will always surface with old information to keep you trapped but there are ways to release yourself from this bondage.

Home training

We teach timeless tools and processes designed to focus on the causes of issues not just clearing the symptoms whether it is mental, emotional or physical.  We teach how to reduce and eliminate the cause.

Work/Life balance

Imagine, if you could go to work happy everyday and also return home with the same happiness with a complete cycle while all areas of life works miraculously.


What kinds of exercises are best for your mind/body type? When overexerted the mind is doing something else while the body gives up.  Ayurveda gives you direction to tap into your higher intelligence and align with nature to exercise.

You should also know…

Why this work is so important…….

Ayurveda system incorporates all areas of mental, physical, emotional and your spiritual path to bring you freedom. We honor you as perfect, whole and complete.  Ayurveda simply teaches you how to remove imbalances and get back to what your unique perfect place is.  Our goal is to get you to:

  1. Practice the teachings and bring yourself back to balance naturally.
  2. Heal yourself
  3. Take action to heal others (by incorporating this work into your daily life or adding this wisdom onto your business)

We respect everyone’s work on the planet in the realm of health and healing to raise the vibration of the planet.

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