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3 Steps to Perfect Skin:

  1. Clean/exfoliate – Ayurveda Miracle Cleanser
  2. RejuvenateOil Therapy @ night
  3. Hydrate – Rose Moisturizer (coming soon-fresh batch being created now)

Advanced care Turmeric Brightener  (for pigmentation, lightening skin or blemish treatment)

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What makes Ayurveda Skin Care Unique:

The first step in the holistic skin care approach is finding out your Ayurveda skin type, your psycho-physiological principles called doshas.

Doshas are combinations of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space). They govern all the activities of the mind and body and determine the physical characteristics and emotional and mental tendencies of every human being. For example:

  1. Vata is mostly air and space;
  2. Pitta is mainly fire and water; and
  3. Kapha is primarily earth and water.

A person’s ayurvedic skin type, therefore, can be Vata, Pitta, Kapha, or sometimes a combination of two of these doshas.

External factors such as climate, diet and lifestyle habits or environmental pollution may cause “imbalances” and should be considered when choosing a skin care program.

Vata skin is in general dry, thin, cool to the touch, easily gets dehydrated, and is very vulnerable to the influence of dry, windy weather.  They hate cold weather.

Pitta is mostly fire, so the Pitta skin type tends to have more sensitive, with acne, breakouts, photo-sensitivity, less tolerance to hot food, patience and temperament. Pitta skin looks warm, ruddy, and is generally sensitive to the touch. Pitta skin types tend to be more prone to freckles and moles than the other skin types.

Kapha dosha is predominantly water and earth, so Kapha skin tends to have all the qualities of water and earth — it can be oily, greasy, thick, and more tolerant of the sun and wind.

“Combination” skin can be Vata-Pitta, skin that is both dry and sensitive; Kapha-Pitta, or oily and sensitive skin; and Vata-Kapha, skin that is generally dry with some oily zones.

The Ayurveda approach to caring for combination skin looks at environmental and seasonal factors.

For example, a person with Vata-Pitta skin would follow Pitta in the summer and Vata recommendations in winter. The Kapha-Pitta type would follow Pitta in summer and Kapha recommendations in winter. The Vata-Kapha type generally follow Vata guidelines and may deal with crazy dry and oily skin conditions at the same time.

Find Your Dosha Quiz (coming soon)

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  • Vegetarian. Handcrafted in the USA and shipped fresh from the manufacturer (our products never sit on warehouse shelves).
  • Certified Cruelty Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.
  • Cold process, biodegradable, and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores).
  • NO artificial fragrances, colors, GMOs, alcohol, hydrogenated oils, silicones, polysorbates, parabens, ureas, propylene glycol, petroleum derivatives, or fillers.
  • No soy or gluten ingredients.
  • 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

This Transformational Ayurveda Professional Membership includes…

Especially designed for skin-care professionals, holistic health practitioners:

  • Learn how to assess mind/body types with accuracy
  • Access to our exclusive online training modules
  • Real Time Practice on Real People
  • Inspiring Videos to build a solid a foundation
  • BONUSES – Lots of juicy insights to help you step up a notch
  • Downloadable handouts with Key Highlights
  • Self-Discovery exercises & questions
  • A private online community
  • Stay in touch with group calls and office hours

Once you become part of the professional family, our training is delivered monthly via an easy-to-use multimedia platform that features videos, pdf handouts, live group calls, audios, slideshows, notes, protocols, live tele-classes, recommended readings, online community, and an optional live event.  All materials are recorded after the live events so you can review them over and over at your own pace.  You’ll have a whole year to finish the course at your own pace with a mini test at the end of each module.  We want your learning process to be a discovery with fun, ease while it’s practical, inspiring and full of value.


Module #1

Concepts & Foundation of Ayurveda

  • Introduction to Ayurveda History
  • Ayurveda Mythology & Philosophy
  • Ayurveda Concepts of Health and Disease
  • The Cause of Disease – Classical Ayurveda Perspectives

Module #2

Your Mind/Body Makeup

  • Your Nature & the Ten Pairs of Opposites (gunas)
  • Five Element Theory
  • Mind/Body Types (3 Doshas called Tridosha Theory)
  • Vata Dosha (Air & Space)
  • Pitta Dosha (Fire & Water)
  • Kapha Dosha  (Earth & Water)

Module #3

Ayurveda Psychology of Nutrition

  • Concepts of Digestion, Assimilation & Metabolism
  • Six Tastes (game-changer)
  • Energetics of Foods
  • Dietary guidelines (different perspective that works)
  • Food Combining
  • Cravings and Emotional Eating
  • Create a new relationship with food
  • Sustainable weight management
  • What, when, how to eat for balance

Module #4

Anatomy & Physiology (Disease Prevention)

  • Bodily Tissues & Metabolism (Dhatus)
  • Heal Your Gut (prevent disease)
  • Maintain a Powerful Digestive Fire (Agni)
  • Natural Toxin Elimination (Ama)
  • Rich Immune System (Ojas)
  • Lifestyle Management with seasons
  • Natural Solutions to Anxiety, Insomnia, weight & inflammation
  • Spices & Your kitchen

Module #5

Energy of Yoga

  • Yoga – true meaning & practice
  • The Patanjali sutras – (every Yogi should practice)
  • Inner and outer body layers & subtle energies (Koshas)
  • Intuition, energy & matter (prana, ojas, tejas)
  • Interaction of the qualities (gunas) & mind/body type (doshas)
  • The body’s channel system (Nadi)
  • Meditation

Module #6

Healing Your Chakras

  • Introduction to the Chakra System
  • Tantra & Sex
  • Auras & Reading Energetic Blocks
  • 7 Chakras – rich flow patterns
  • Relax, Release & Repeat
  • Ayurveda & Yoga relationship to chakras
  • Managing Libido

Module #7

Self-Mastery-Your Personal Practice

  • Rhythms of Nature – Align with the seasons
  • Daily Routines & Your Personal Powerful practice
  • Meditations – clarity of the mind
  • Yoga asanas (postures) for doshas and ailments
  • Secrets of the Yogis – Mantras
  • Ayurveda Pathology – 6 stages of how disease happens
  • Therapeutic Modalities – Aromatherapy

Practical Applications

How to show up in the world!

Part II-Module #8

Become a Divine Healer (share your story & create an abundant, fulfilling business)

  • Coach with certainty
  • Create Your Personal Brand’s Vision & Mission
  • 5 steps to a successful coaching practice
  • Incorporate other healing modalities
  • Easy system to get going quickly
  • How to do a proper consultation
  • What forms, templates to use
  • Social Media- How to build repeat business
  • Use your community and calls for support

How can we serve you?

Level I: Holistic Life Coach…

This heart-based training is designed to provide you with the basic principles, theory, history, practice and delivery of Ayurveda. This gives you the foundation to prepare yourself for clinical study or to combine the basics in your current yoga, healing practice or business.

This will allow you to do dosha assessments, give nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, incorporate the simple 7-step protocol into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice. The protocol has been designed to include in your personal practice, yoga, esthetics, healing or physical therapy, massage therapy, clinical and medical settings, alternative or integrative medical practices.


Understand both the living world with your physical body and the chemical world within that activates thoughts, words, actions to make you who you show up in the world to be.


The science of the mind’s behavior – embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experiences as well as thoughts.  The ancient texts gave a deeper understanding that science is proving today.


Food is medicine but it’s much more than what you put into your mouth and how it’s digested.  The timeless wisdom of Ayurveda helps you understand digestion, assimilation and metabolism from a new perspective bringing a sense of calm and peace within.

Weight Loss

One size does not fit all.  We first identify your mind/body makeup with what elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air or Space occupy you.  Once this is determined than looking at the quality of your lifestyle and then it’s easy to pinpoint your digestion and elimination capabilities and change your emotional state.


What kinds of exercises or yoga is best for your mind/body type? When overexerted the mind is doing something else while the body gives up.  Ayurveda gives you direction to tap into your higher intelligence and align with nature to exercise.

Mastering your Emotions

Mastery over your emotions and pleasure are all about feelings. Who knows how you truly feel other than you.  When connected to your deeper self, you can change behavior patterns with awareness and practices so you feel good all the time or know how to change your inner perspective no matter what happens.

Work/Life balance

Imagine, if you could wake up happy, go to work happy everyday and also return home with the same happiness with a complete cycle while all areas of life works miraculously.


We will explore what creates the perfect body? Is it nutrition through food, thoughts, words you hear or speak, actions you take in the world.  What is your digestive ability and how do you sustain your energy with optimal health?


My greatest desire is to help as many people as possible to teach authentically and live a life of freedom while simultaneously earning an awesome income, in a way that feels truly authentic to them. 

I believe you can’t help others unless you can sustain yourself in a business you love to do.  YES, even healers need to make money! What I’m teaching here is not a volunteer-based training or a hobby but truly a sustainable healing business approach where you can help others with Ayurveda while having a profitable business.

Ayurveda takes years to master but putting a system together that you can easily practice with your clients will help you build expertise, skills and put you on your path to advanced studies.  This work is needed more than ever on Earth.

I know I could easily charge over $5,000 for a health coaching program like I originally planned to and if I did, heaps of you would probably buy it. There are many coaching schools specializing in nutrition or mindfulness which is only a fraction of what Ayurveda teaches completing the connections between mind, body, intellect, heart and soul as “Wholistic”.

But just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

Here’s why…

I strongly believe your health is your wealth!  Do you agree?

When it comes to your health, you must learn all the skills you need for well-being.  Society, foods and our environment is polluted while all of us experience technology and information overload.  The only way to have success with a healthy body and mind is to align yourself with nature, bring your natural rhythm into balance and do what you love, I just don’t want price to stand in your way.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer the Ayurveda Health Coaching Training as a Mastermind at a price-point that practically everyone can afford to say yes to.



What if you get started and figure the program isn’t right for you? “Can I get a refund?”

YES! If you feel you don’t get massive value from this course within 21 days of signing up I will give you a full refund. Just show me all the required work you’ve completed and I will happily give your money back.

What else…..

Get both online and in person to charge energetic learning! Activate your highest potential with your energy.

  • Meet live & in-person once a month (optional)
  • Convenient interactive distance learning format
  • Cutting edge yet timeless technology
  • Keep all the handouts and material for lifelong learning
  • New connections with like-minded people with support
  • Stay true to your gifts and don’t be afraid to thrive
  • Transform your own relationships with others and food
  • AUTHENTIC Results-oriented simplified teaching style

Our training is delivered via an easy-to-use multimedia platform that features videos, pdf handouts, live group calls, audios, slideshows, notes, protocols, live teleclasses, recommended readings, online community, and an optional live event.  All materials are recorded after the live events so you can review them over and over at your own pace.  You’ll have a whole year to finish the course at your own pace with a super practical test at the end for certification.  We want your learning process to be a discovery with fun, ease while it’s practical, inspiring and full of value.

Let Us Know How We Can Make This Happen For You!

We want you to have the best life and wish to share this ancient wisdom with with you if you are interested to learn more.

Really, we can’t wait to connect with you!