Geeta Priya Arora , Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner, MBA, MA

Vedic Entrepreneur, Life and Business Strategist, Yogini

A life transformation strategist, offering solutions to:

  • Optimal Health – Ayurveda & Yoga guidance
  • Clear Direction – Guidance from now to where you want to be
  • Branding – Turn your story into a powerful message
  • Fulfillment – Balanced heart & desires
  • Clarity – Go beyond what meets the eyes to manifest results
  • Self-love – Channeling negative emotions to success
  • HAPPINESS – Live life on your terms, designed by you!

Geeta brings 25 years of experience working with visionary leaders, coaches, executives and professionals in the areas of wellness, transformation, leadership, and growth.

Passionate about helping change makers in their personal and professional development space with perfecting health and wellness, she helps monetize their brands + stand out as leaders in their industry with money and career, love and relationships, and spirituality and empowerment.

She teaches clients how to cultivate their own powerful stories into relationships with people and nature for peace of mind and distinct decision making abilities to be seen as conscious leaders in their industry.

Connect here if you desire a balanced personal life or have a passion or a vision to become a leader in your industry.

PAST CLIENTS from: online entrepreneurs, startups, Apple, Google, Oracle, Intuit, Facebook, Applied Materials, many other Silicon Valley companies.

Tell your story powerfully, clearly & with confidence to serve others!

Our philosophy

Your health is your true wealth!  This work is about nourishing your mind, body, heart & soul to get optimal results in this one life you have, right now.

There is a big problem in our health and wellness industry where people are getting sicker and more unbalanced.  We take responsibility to make a positive impact in the world by:

  • having social, cultural, environmental, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • building a conscious culture and communities with mindful leadership
  • creating space for empowering people and engaging their best contribution.
  • self-care, prevent diseases

By helping each person to find happiness and being well, they ultimately make a a difference in shifting consciousness on the planet with a sustainable environment.

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