Geeta Priyadarshni Arora is an Ayurveda Practitioner and Yoga teacher.  A catalyst in bringing Ayurveda wellness to the Silicon Valley, she is a former corporate executive who helps service-based professionals and holistic healers find the connection between  spirituality and business.  She teaches them to:

  • Tap into their Genius zone – bring out the higher version of the self
  • Find and speak out your true voice
  • Authentically align with their gifts and energy to change the world

We do this through Ayurveda consultations, online courses, LIVE retreats, year long mentorship programs  and more.


She left her corporate career after a miraculous healing.  She was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and given one month left to live. Chemotherapy was her only option.  She decided not to receive chemotherapy and the Universe spoke to her.  She found an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Virender Sodhi in Bellevue, Washington, who helped her heal herself in 3 weeks without any pharmaceutical intervention with luxurious oil treatments, nutrition, lifestyle, breathing, and all ways to align with Mother Nature.

Right before beginning her Ayurvedic treatments, she had a life-altering experience where she was crossing over leaving her body due to extreme pain and raging fevers. She met her spiritual Guru, Sai Baba, who gave her blessings and a free will to stay or go.  She chose to stay.

During her trips to visit all kinds of different doctors, her one question was where did this begin from in her body. No one could answer that.  Doctors gave only pills to cure the symptoms but she intuitively wanted to know the deeper reason for her dis-ease to understand what happened.

After experiencing Ayurveda and realigning with nature, she found her answer.  Seven years prior, she was put into an arranged marriage without her will that had to get herself out of it.  This trauma left her emotionally torn and she felt broken.  No one to trust and the people she loved betrayed her.  She lost her community at a very young age.  She had to find herself and fell into a deep depression.  She turned to spirituality for answers and grew up during that time.  She had many spiritual encounters that helped her live through that time.  However, the deep unprocessed emotional pain turned into toxins in the body.  This unbalanced chemicals ultimately grew into a cancer seven years later.

Once healed, she found her purpose in life through divine grace.

Out of this experience, her work in the world has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe.  She is committed to conscious change and bringing hope to those in distress emotionally, physically, and/or mentally.

Ayurveda is for all of humanity and the world needs this more than ever now.

Her book Divine Delight: A Spiritual Healing Journey to Consciousness, Ayurveda & Yoga is available on Amazon.