Heart Chakra: The 3 Love Laws

Heart Chakra & the 3 Love Laws to Get Rid of Loneliness and Feel Completely Fulfilled

It’s my birthday on February 14th. Yes, I’m a Valentine baby!

Although this day is to be filled with love, I grew up being very sad on this day for many years. I felt I wasn’t living up to what everyone else did or said. Have a boyfriend to make me happy or have some secret admirer send roses and chocolate and take me on a sexy night out. Although I had lots of admirers, I didn’t feel loved. I was confused with all the nonsense, especially when I stepped in a store laced with red boxes of chocolate, flowers and Valentine gifts. I wanted love from another but never knew how to find that deep, juicy, fulfilling love.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work on myself and finally learned the golden rule….love myself first. People complemented my life but no one could fill the emptiness but me. When I realized that, my whole life changed. I want to share about this extraordinary tool I have experienced with you.

My wish is you find that love within yourself and have a happy Valentine’s Day celebrating yourself. Remember, you have the power to change your circumstances and attract that deep, genuine, unconditional love in your life.

The Heart Chakra

The heart space is where the fourth chakra lies. The bridge between the higher self and how we live in the physical world. This sacred space called Anahata is where the spiritual forces meet. In Sanskrit, this means “unhurt” or “unstruck” reminding us of a pureness that lies way beyond all the hurt, pain, attachments and grievances.

Anahata is a spiritual place where no pain exists. It rules the heart and governs the lymphatic system, surrounded by breasts, lungs, and the thymus gland.

When the heart chakra is in flow you experience love, gratitude and compassion allowing acceptance and forgiveness. However, when the heart chakra is closed, it keeps you stuck drowned in fear, pain, grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others.

Your Power to Change

Everyone has past experiences of hurt, betrayal, pain from lovers, parents, siblings, peers, colleagues, friends or acquaintances wondering why it happened and if it will ever go away. Whatever it is, emotional scarring changes the view of the world with a feeling of being broken inside.

One has the power to change this empty, hollow, excruciatingly painful feeling.

Asking internally, what is broken inside? In the midst of confusion or numbness there is nothing broken at all nor needs fixing. These are emotions that consume the existence coming from the heart center.

Let’s explore the three biggest reasons why people feel lonely, whether married or unmarried.
#1: Love or Attachment

Most people mistake the idea of love with the feeling of attachment. The grasping and clinging somehow reassures how deep the love is. However, grasping harder creates more fear of losing the one. Attachment causes deep pain, holding so tight afraid of something bad to happen. The tighter one holds onto others, the more they suffer.

Attachment is saying “I love you therefore I want you to make me happy”. It’s almost like having entitlement issues and ownership over another human being.

Attachment is very hard to understand. The media tell us how to behave when we love someone, shower gifts, love all the time whether it be day or night. We are taught, the more you hold on to someone the more it shows that you care about them.

This is not caring at all but imposing how you want the relationship to be like. Subconsciously, it’s some sort of a protection mechanism from fear of being hurt.

#2: Romantic Fantasies
Growing up, we begin projecting ideas, ideals, romances and romantic fantasies on to the others without even knowing it. It comes from watching movies, hearing stories or secretly admiring someone who is believed to have an amazing life.

Subconsciously, the mind begins pulling characters who seem to fit that imaginary illusion to serve the fantasy of how life should be.

First of all the other person does not know the story. Secondarily, It’s an illusion and can be a nightmare for the other.
Expecting another to step into our life, who is recognized as Prince Charming or a princess, to fix it all is not the answer. Once there’s an opportunity to get to know the partner, the realization comes through which is the other cannot possibly fulfill the dreams. It’s just an ordinary person who is also struggling.

#3: Filling the Void

The biggest cause of broken relationships is desiring another to compensate for our shortcomings. Humans have certain behaviors with deep wants and desires. The pattern is to attract a partner to satisfy all of the missing parts or someone similar whether admired or disliked into life.
Any kind of relationship that imagines we can fulfill ourselves through another is bound to be tricky and challenging. It’s quite predictable, there are lots of problems present.

Genuine Love

Start appreciating the other for who they are rather than expecting the other to supply a sense of well-being.
Genuine love says something like “I love you and I want you to to be happy with or without me in the picture”.
The truth is no one really teaches us how to fall in love with completing yourself. Ideally those who continue to seek out their authentic self, have an uplifted attitude, brightness, pleasant attitude, flexible, with no expectations, have the most successful relationships. They continue to appreciate life with an open conversation and attract what they want easily. Genuine love is allowing energy to flow and never held tightly. It’s free flowing, nurturing, holding the other person very gently with love, kindness and compassion.