Dear Friend,

This is my humble offering to you so you can find peace and balance! Play this as background music. You will begin to see shifts in your life as you change your vibration space.

If you want to make a serious commitment, create this as your daily practice for 25 minutes a day, preferably early morning but if you can’t do it before going to bed.  More powerfully, set intentions and do this 2x per day for 21 days.


Here is the OM meditation repeating 108x to begin balancing your mind, body and heart to help you find calm and dissolve any stress, anxiety, heaviness, upset or negativity.

AUM is the universal language that also vibrates with: (A) vibrating at the navel center, (U) the heart and mid section of your body, (M) vibrates in the throat area moving up into the 3rd eye center between the eyebrows. This begins shifting energy in your body.

For best results:

  1. Find a comfortable seated position.
  2. Sit with your spine erect either on the floor or a chair.
  3. You may lie down if you wish
  4. Close your eyes
  5. Take a deep breath and begin with an intention, a question you have in your heart or simply pray to release and surrender yourself.
  6. Listen to the sounds of the 3 syllables – A U M. You can say it along too or just listen to the sounds.
  7. Once you have completed the meditation, gently open your eyes.
  8. You are now in the space of allowing inspiration flow to you. If you have any open thoughts at this time, write in a journal.

You may be wondering why 108 times? 

To align your body and mind with your higher self (the source of where you came from)!

Your body has 108 energetic nerve meeting points throughout the body where energy flows (also called chakras) that can get blocked when you meet negative people or become stressed.

This sound meditation will purify your sacred space and center you to let go of fear, stress, worry, anxiety by chanting the sacred sound of OM.

Peace & Light,

xxo Geeta